Warmly celebrate the German Reich lifting sling(Kunshan)Co., LTD. Was set up15The anniversary!
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German Reich lifting sling(Kunshan)Co., LTD. Is a German DE lai chi group set up wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary in China。German Reich kunshan rigging design institute is a subsidiary of German DE lai chi group design and research institute of design research and development institutions。
Germany's groupThe German Reich(Kunshan)The company
German Reich countless rich fruits
Braving the forward forever
——DE lai chi group2018The general manager meeting documentary
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Sales network
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The youth culture
The youth culture
      DE lai chi groupIs the world famous companies in the industry,“How come strength”Is the world famous brand in the industry。
      We are a passionate company,We have a youth team up,We are the team full of youthful vitality,The average age of only28Years old。Their youth like fire,Vigor and vitality,They work hard,To surpass oneself。Life can have a few back to beat,Today when cardiac stroke ?!
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